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Scott County
Regional Horse Association

An All-Breed Association headquartered in Scott County, Virginia
at the Scott County Horse Park located at 
240 Cub Creek Lane, Dungannon, Va.  24245
A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

Our mailing address is: P.O. Box 342, Gate City, Va.  24251
Also visit the Scott County Horse Park Facebook Page for last minute updates.

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Upcoming Events

Remember that it's not too late to sign up for the Juvenile and Adult High Points.  With 7 more shows left at the horse park, the competition is just getting started.  Nomination forms and current high points statuses are below in the Recent Updates section.

The National Trail Day Ride will be on Saturday, June 6.  Riders will meet at and depart from the Scott County Horse Park in Dungannon, Va. at 10:00 am to trailer to the trailhead @ the Little Stony Falls parking lot.  This is about a 6 hour ride on gravel road and forest trails.  Please be sure to have a 12 month negative coggins for your horse with you at all times as you may be checked by rangers.  For more information, please contact Charlie Green @ (276)452-2396.

The Dungannon Fire Department Horse Show will be Saturday, June 6 starting at 5:00 pm at the horse park.  This show does count SCRHA points and will have the same program:  2015 SCRHA SHOW PROGRAM (printable); 2015 SCRHA SHOW PROGRAM (viewable).

The next SCRHA horse show will be the Summer Jubilee Horse Show on June 27 starting at 5:00 pm.  The judge for this show will be Mitch Smith.  Click one of the following links for the program:  2015 SCRHA SHOW PROGRAM (printable); 2015 SCRHA SHOW PROGRAM (viewable)

Now would be a great time to join or renew with the Scott County Regional Horse Association!!  Please click the following link for the membership form:  2015 SCRHA Membership Form.




The Scott County Regional Horse Association is a member of the Southern States S.H.O.W. Program.  By saving and sending in the proofs of purchases off of Reliance and Legends feed, we can earn money to be used towards our equine events.  All proof of purchases earn $0.25 per proof.  Please cut the proofs of purchases from your bags and send to Paula Riddle, 5398 Midway Rd., Gate City, Va.

The Scott County Regional Horse Assn. deeply appreciates the support of the Virginia Horse Industry Board over the last few years.  To find out more about this board, please go to http://www.vhib.org/.

Recent Updates and Information!!!

  • 5/17/2015*  The high point list / standings after our first show are now available.  2015 Juvenile High Point Tally,  
    2015 Adult High Point Tally
    .  For any questions or corrections, please email  levichey@mounet.com or call (276)452-1058.  If you have not already signed up for high points, the forms are also available below or will be available at the upcoming horse shows.

  • 5/12/2015*  Results from the Derby Day Horse Show on May 2 can be seen on the Results page.

  • 4/11/2015*  Once again in 2015 juveniles are offered the "Riding for the Green" participation program.  This program is meant to encourage more participation from our juveniles and will be based solely on each juvenile’s participation at SCRHA horse shows.    Each juvenile that chooses to “Ride for the Green”, will earn one point for each class that they enter during the 2014 season by listing it on a log form.  The placing in the class will NOT be considered.  At the awards banquet in early 2015, the three juveniles with the most participation points (excluding the regular high point winners) will be awarded their “green” as follows:  1st - $75, 2nd - $50, and 3rd - $25.  For more information, please see the log for for this program:  2014 Riding for the Green Log Form.

  • 3/17/2015*  With the first show in less than a month, it's time to start signing up for the high point programs.  Participation in the Adult High Point Program is only $5 per horse and rider combo nominated.   The classes that will count for each division are listed beside the division name on the nomination form.  All SCRHA sanctioned rides will count double hours towards the adult trail hours. Nominations are due by June 27, 2015.  Points and hours will not be counted until membership, nomination form, and fees are turned in.  More rules are available on the nomination forms.  All forms are available below. 

  • Membership Form

  • 2015 Nomination Form For Adult Show High Point Awards

  • 2015 Nomination Form for Adult Trail Riding High Point Award

  • 2015 Trail Riding Hours Log Form

  • 2015 Youth Participation Nomination Form & Rules

  • 3/17/2015*  All juveniles please remember that you will need to send in a nomination form to participate in the Youth High Points Program.  It is FREE to all kids ages 17 and under.   Juveniles need to nominate themselves with each horse that they may ride for show and/or trail points.  These nominations will be by age group.  Each division will receive a high point and reserve award, plus all kids that nominate will receive participation awards.  More rules are available on the nomination form, or for questions email levichey@mounet.com or call (276)452-1058.  Nominations are due by June 27, 2015. Please print off the following form and mail to the address at the bottom of the form:  
    2015 Youth High Point Program Nomination Form

  • 10/4/2014*  The current standings for the Adult High Point Classes are now available.  If there are any questions, please email Paula Riddle or call (276)452-1058.  2014 Adult High Point Tally.

  • 10/4/2014* The current standings for the Youth (High Point) Participation Program are now available at the following link:  2014 Juvenile High Point Tally.  All kids please remember to also be keeping up with your points for the 2014 Riding for the Green participation program. 

  • 6/7/2014*  Thanks to Jennifer Meade for being the photographer at the Summer Jubilee Show.  All her proofs are posted on the horse park facebook page at Scott County Horse Park Facebook.  

  • 8/12/2012*  In an effort to help exhibitors to determine the most appropriate classes for their horses, the SCRHA had decided to share a list of descriptions of each class.  These are the same descriptions that the judges are asked to judge by.  For this document, please click the following link (if the document opens too large, please reduce the size to 125% at the top of the document):  2012 Description Booklet.pdf.

Our Mission

To promote and provide equine activities in Scott County and the surrounding region for our youth and fellow horsemen, while encouraging sportsmanship, family values and lasting friendships with our community and members through dedication and public involvement. We promote all breeds and activities pertaining to each breed.

 The Scott County Regional Horse Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is working to promote and encourage the development of the horse industry in Scott County, Virginia and the surrounding region by offering community activities and educational and youth programs.
We also pride ourselves in supporting other community non-profit organizations.

Come ride in our 150 x 250 foot show ring in Dungannon, Virginia.
We are very proud of the work our volunteers have done. 'Come Ride With Us,' and join the fun!

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