Updates & Information

  • (2017) You do NOT have to show in a line class to show in the championship classes

  • Show results through the Championship Show are posted under our results page.

  • The 2016 SCRHA Horse Show Program has just been posted under the Horse Show Programs link.  Remember the first horse show at the horse park will be Saturday, April 9.

  • With trail riding season already upon us, we encourage everyone to nominate for the trail riding hours high points for 2016.  It's free for kids and only $5 per nomination for adults.  The nomination form is posted under our Forms link.  Remember, no hours will count until your nomination form had been turned in.

  • Once again in 2016 juveniles are offered the "Riding for the Green" participation program.  This program is meant to encourage more participation from our juveniles and will be based solely on each juvenile’s participation at SCRHA horse shows.    Each juvenile that chooses to “Ride for the Green”, will earn one point for each class that they enter during the 2015 season by listing it on a log form.  The placing in the class will NOT be considered.  At the awards banquet in early 2016, the three juveniles with the most participation points (excluding the regular high point winners) will be awarded their “green” as follows:  1st - $75, 2nd - $50, and 3rd - $25.  For more information, please see the log for for this program:  2016 Riding for the Green Log Form or Forms